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These tutorials assume minor computer skills. If you run into any questions please read the page Basics/Basic Computer Skills.

Beginner Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

TraCI Tutorials

These tutorials use the Python-TraCI Library for interfacing a python script with a running SUMO simulation.


SUMO User Conference

ITSC 2015

Preparations for doing the tutorial:

Im- and Export


Further Sources for Examples

Using Examples from the Test Suite

SUMO comes with a large set of tests. They are set up to be running by using a testing environment, but it is also possible to extract them and execute using SUMO and/or the other tools of the package.

If you have downloaded and extracted the tests, go into the folder and execute the "extractTest.py" script. For example, you may get an example of using rerouters as following:

<SUMO>/tools/extractTest.py -o d:\tmp\test \

will extract you an example for rerouting vehicles.

Unfinished Tutorials

The following tutorials are not yet completed

Outdated Tutorials

The following tutorials are kept for completeness but are superseded by other tutorials/documentation