23Aug19rv1_3_0+0043-3ea23d5e4c - detailed test results for NETGEN

To reconnect the TextTest GUI to these results, run:

texttestc.py -a netgen -d C:/Users/delphi/Code/sumo/git/tests -reconnect C:/Users/delphi/Code/sumo/msvc12x64Dtexttesttmp/msvc12x64D.31Aug040236.3996 -g

To start TextTest for these tests, run:

texttestc.py -a netgen -d C:/Users/delphi/Code/sumo/git/tests

default: 96 tests: 95 succeeded 1 FAILED

Detailed information for the tests that FAILED:

TEST FAILED on ts-sim-winbuild-ba : spider turnlanes ( Last six runs Aug2019 )

---------- Differences in net ----------
<     <connection from="B1A1.60.00" to="A1B3" fromLane="0" toLane="0" dir="R" state="M"/>
>     <connection from="B1A1.60.00" to="A1B3" fromLane="0" toLane="0" dir="s" state="M"/>
<     <connection from="B4A1.60.00" to="A1B1" fromLane="0" toLane="0" dir="s" state="M"/>
>     <connection from="B4A1.60.00" to="A1B1" fromLane="0" toLane="0" dir="R" state="M"/>