Some people extended SUMO or built tools to make it more usable. Not all of these extensions have found its way to what we would call "SUMO core".

Within SUMO#

The following extensions became a core part of the SUMO package.

  • TraCI

    online interaction with the simulation

Included in the Distribution#

The following contributions are included in the package, but are less supported.

  • Contributed/Cadyts

    a tool by Gunnar Flötteröd which adapts the simulate flows to the real flows in a known net

  • SUMOPy

    a tool by Joerg Schweizer supporting the whole SUMO toolchain with a GUI especially for demand modelling

  • LiSuM

    a middleware that couples LISA+ and SUMO to simulate real-world traffic light controllers.

External extensions#

The following extensions are managed and supported by other parties.

Demand Generators#

Scenario and Network Editors#

  • eWorld

    an application that allows to convert and enrich roads networks

  • Sumo2Unreal

    an importer for SUMO's .net.xml road network files into the Unreal Engine 4 environment.

Connections to Network Simulators#

  • Veins

    connects SUMO to OMNeT++

  • TraNS

    connects SUMO to ns-2

  • MOVE

    connects SUMO to ns-2

  • VSimRTI

    C2X environment connecting SUMO to different network and application simulators (OMNeT++ and JiST/SWANS)


  • ocit2SUMO

    Generate traffic light signal plans from OCIT® data.

  • FLOW

    a framework for applying reinforcement learning and custom controllers to SUMO, developed at the University of California, Berkeley. [1]

  • Webots

    coupling with a robot simulator

  • TETCOS NetSim

    supports VANET simulations by interfacing with SUMO


The following extensions exist or have existed, but their state is unclear.


SUMOPlayer was removed in release 0.24.0. You should be able to use for the same task.