GSOC2012 ProjectIdeas

Project Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2012#


Prerequisites for all projects: C++ coding on Linux or Windows

Implement left-hand traffic#

SUMO uses right-hand traffic and therefore presents obstacles when simulating traffic in many parts of the world.

Implement GUI-frontends for some of the command-line-only applications#

The use of command-line applications presents a steep learning curve to many users. Even a generic tool for setting options may be of great help.

Enhance Capabilities of the Simulation Viewer#

The SUMO-GUI application depends on configuration files. Since editing configuration files is difficult for many users, SUMO-GUI should provide for a mechanism to load the required files via menus.

Implement a movement model for pedestrians#

Right now, SUMO can account for pedestrians when simulating inter-modal traffic. However, the model is quite coarse. The time for crossing roads is not modelled. Also, there is no flow model for crowded side walks.

Open for your Ideas#

If you are planning to work with SUMO in your bachelor or masters thesis, what extra feature do you need to get started?