Changes from Version 0.13.0 to Version 0.13.1

Release Date: 01.11.2011


  • switched-off traffic lights are now put into the correct state
  • vehicles with gui shape can now be used as router input
  • updated tutorial networks
  • fixed bug in duarouter which prevented use of multiple inline routes
  • object-chooser no longer centers on unwanted objects


  • TraCI
    • Added the possibility to retrieve an induction loop's position (offset/lane) as suggested by Xiao-Feng Xie; thanks!
    • Added the possibility to remove a vehicle via TraCI
    • Added the description about how to add a vehicle via TraCI
    • Retrieve the number of still expected vehicles
  • netconvert
    • added more control over joining junctions. You can declare nodes to be joined as well as exclude nodes from joining (see Networks/PlainXML#Joining_Nodes)
    • added option --osm.discard-tls (do not use tls definitions when importing OSM)
    • added option --junctions.join-exclude <STRING>[,<STRING>]* (junctions in this list are not joined)
    • added option --no-left-connections (do not build connections to left)
    • added optional attributes 'toLane' and 'fromLane' to connection-file element 'reset' (see Networks/PlainXML#Connection_Descriptions)
    • added importer for openDRIVE files, see Networks/Import/OpenDRIVE; many thanks go to Marius Dupuis from VIRES for allowing to use the example files for tests
    • added importer for matSIM files, see Networks/Import/MATsim (actually already in 0.13.0)
    • added new plain xml input/output format plain.tll.xml which holds information about traffic lights.
    • added option --geometry.max-segment-length <FLOAT> to restrict segment length by inserting additional geometry points
    • debugged brakedown on VISUM import
    • ignore connections for explicitly removed edges (instead of throwing an error)
  • Simulation
  • jtrrouter
    • added Karol Stosiek's patch for reading more than one turn-definitions file; changes --turn-ratio-file <FILE> to --turn-ratio-files <FILE>[,<FILE>]*
  • sumo-gui
    • can now switch traffic lights back on
  • Tutorials
    • moved tutorials from <SUMO_HOME>/docs to <SUMO_HOME>/tests/complex for assuring their compliance with the current version; they should though appear in the release under <SUMO_HOME>/docs
    • added a tutorial on car-following parameter calibration
  • Tools
    • added script tools/net/ <> <> <diff_prefix> which creates the plain-xml differences of two sumo networks. The set of difference files can be loaded together with <> to recreate <>. This allows for advanced scenario management.
    • added tools for dealing with turn-ratios
  • Documentation
    • restructured wiki-pages
    • new static HTML docs generated from the wiki


  • updated gl2ps to version 1.3.6
  • removed MSMsgInductLoop; the functionality was almost the same as for a plain MSInductLoop just that an additional string wasgiven; the functionality can be easily obtained by using proper ids and mapping them to "messages"