Changes from Version 0.13.1 to Version 0.14.0

Release date: 11.01.2012


  • Simulation
    • removed invalid collision warnings
    • removed various gui glitches when drawing vehicles
    • fixed free speed calculation
  • sumo-gui
    • tracking a vehicle no longer messes up start/stop controls
  • netconvert
    • fixed minor bugs related to updating edge attributes with additional edg.xml files
    • builds without PROJ will no longer produce a bugged binary (failing with "no option with the name proj.inverse exists")
  • duarouter
    • use identical units for parsed data and calculated defaults
  • Tools
    • netdiff now correctly handles repeating identical traffic light phases


  • netconvert
    • changed the way junctions are joined when using --join.junctions; see Networks/Building Networks from own XML-descriptions#Joining Nodes
    • all output is now written using UTF-8 encoding instead of Latin-1. This should allow the usage of international street names (note that street ids may use only ascii)
    • added option --proj.plain-geo which writes plain-xml files using geo-coordinates
    • location information is now embedded in nod.xml files. This makes conversion between net.xml and plain xml lossless.
    • Importing large OSM Networks is much faster due to algorithmic improvements
    • added options and for restricting a network
  • sumo-gui
    • sumo-gui now parses command line options
  • general options
    • boolean options may be disabled from the command line (--help=false)
    • a single parameter (not starting with "-") is treated as a configuration file
  • Tools
    • added eco routing capabilities to

Reduced memory consumption of all applications. Also increased speed for some applications. For benchmark values see #634


  • Simulation
    • default arrival position is now lane end instead of start
  • netconvert
    • renamed XML-element reset to delete to better reflect its purpose
  • sumo-gui
    • Changed close-simulation hotkey from Ctrl-C to Ctrl-W to better conform to interface standards
  • Tools
    • python module sumolib.output now has a method parse which supports all output files
  • first incarnation of a windows installer
  • TraCI
    • emission related outputs are now in mg and ml