Changes from Version 0.14.0 to Version 0.15.0

Release date: 14.03.2012


  • Simulation
    • Real time factor in simulation summary is now correct (was off by factor 1000)
    • Option --route-steps now reads the given number of seconds ahead (input argument was interpreted as milliseconds, inadvertently)
    • specifying invalid departPos no longer causes an infinite loop
    • The minimum gap is now outside of the vehicle. This means, a vehicle starts at its position, the minimum breaking distance is in front of the position. This effects the retrieval of a vehicle's position via TraCI, and also the measures collected by detectors - now, the collected vehicle lengths do not contain the minimum distance anymore. see blog entry
    • consolidating right-of-way rules (again). Networks must be rebuild
    • fixed crash when using TraCI to set new TLS-programs with less phases (ticket #652)
  • netconvert
    • looped ways are now correctly imported from OSM (before, these were pruned from the network)
    • fixed bug related to --proj.plain-geo (would sometimes crash or produce invalid output)
    • fixed bug in geometry computation when dealing with 3D-coordinates
    • fixed bug when joining junctions (did not join as much as requested)
    • OSM import no longer discards edges with multiple types as long as at least one type is known (this caused missing bridges etc.)
    • debugged import of VISUM-turn descriptions ("ABBIEGER")
    • fixed calculation of intersecting lines
  • GUI
    • corrected the link numbering
    • no longer crashes when reload is pressed during running simulation
  • duarouter
    • Option --max-alternatives is no longer ignored
    • clogit probabilities are calculated correctly


  • Simulation
    • Meandata output can now print default travel times / emissions on empty edges (excludeEmpty="defaults")
  • duarouter
    • added Option --routing-algorithm. It supports the values dijkstra (default) and astar (new). The newly added astar algorithm uses the euclidean distance heuristic. It routes 30% faster on the road network of Cologne and 40% faster on the road network of Berlin.
    • In verbose mode, some performance measures of the routing algorithm are given
    • better defaults for emission based routing
  • sumo-gui
    • object choser can now filter by selection
  • netconvert
    • added Options --speed.offset and --speed.factor. These modify all edge speeds by first multiplying with factor and then adding offset.
    • added output Option --junctions.join-output FILE. This writes a protocol of joined junctions to FILE. Loading FILE as additional nod.xml reproduces these joins.
  • All
    • Logging options are handled consistently
    • step logging enabled by default, can be disabled for all relevant applications (sumo, duarouter, jtrrouter, od2trips)


  • Simulation
    • traffic light offset is now interpreted as delay. An offset of x delays all phases by x seconds. The old behaviour was to let all phases start x seconds earlier.