Eclipse Migration

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The SUMO project will move to the Eclipse foundation. This leads to a number of changes which are listed below (with a rough timeline)

  • Using C++11. done, 2017/7
  • Re-license the code under the EPL done, 2017/10
  • Moving the repository (complete history) to GitHub done 2017/10.
  • Creating the Eclipse repository (history cut off) on GitHub scheduled for 2017/12.
    We want to maintain the full repository history but can not do so under the EPL. Therefore we will maintain two repositories that mirror commits going forward. Official issue tracker will be at the eclipse repo.
  • Using the Eclipse mailing list facilities done 2017/9
  • build system switched to cmake. no date set
  • move downloads to no date set

Things that stay the same:

This page will be continuously updated with the state of the migration.