Including Elevation Data in a Network#

Elevation data can be imported from the following sources

  • by applying extra data from supplemental files
    • from a shapefile mesh by using the netconvert option --heightmap.shapefiles
    • from a greyscale height-map using netconvert option --heightmap.geotiff.
    • from edg.xml files as part of the shape specification
  • by shifting geometry points and junctions along the z-axis in netedit move mode.
  • by generating an abstract network with z-level noise using netgenerate option --perturb-z

Related Topics#

Retrieving Elevation data via TraCI#

Current 3D-Position can be retrieved for persons and vehicles.

Visualizing Elevation data#

sumo-gui and netedit allow coloring edges by:

  • elevation at the start of the edge
  • elevation at the start of each straight-line geometry segment for each edge
  • inclination of the whole edge
  • inclination of each straight-line geometry segment for each edge

To calibrate the color range to the elevations found in the network, the Recalibrate Rainbow within the gui settings dialog button may be used.

Furthermore, there is an "extra" version of sumo-gui available with support for 3D-Visualization which can be used to visualize elevation profiles as well.

Models that use Elevation Data#