netconvert allows to import road networks from different third-party formats. By now, the following formats are supported:

In most of these cases, netconvert needs only two parameter: the option named as the source application/format followed by the name of the file to convert and the name of the output file (using the --output-file option). In the case, a VISUM network shall be imported, the following code will convert it into a SUMO-network:

netconvert --visum=MyVisumNet.inp

The import can be influenced using further netconvert options.

The native format comes in the variant of plain-xml which is designed as a simple input format for netconvert and in .net.xml which is the output format of netconvert and which is enriched with heuristically derived data such as right-of-way rules and junction geometry. Both formats can be converted into each other without data loss.