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The idea behind this output option is to detect the queue in front of the controlled/uncontrolled junction. The queue length is calculated using the end of the last standing vehicle.

Instantiating within the Simulation

The simulation is forced to generate this output using the option --queue-output <FILE>. <FILE> is the name of the file the output will be written to. Any other file with this name will be overwritten, the destination folder must exist.

Generated Output

The generated XML file looks like this:


 <data timestep="<TIME_STEP>">
    <lane id="<LANE_ID>" queueing_time="<LANE_QUEUEING_TIME>" queueing_length="<LANE_QUEUEING_LENGTH>" 

    ... next lane ...


 ... next timestep ...

Name Type Description
time_step (simulation) seconds The time step described by the values within this timestep-element
id id The id of the lane
queueing_time seconds The total waiting time of vehicles due to a queue
queueing_length meters Thus the length from the junction until the final vehicle in line
queueing_length_experimental meters The length of the queue, thus until the last vehicle with a speed lower than 5 km/h


This output option should offer some information about the queues in front of the junctions, which can be used in cases of routing or V2X communications.