Waterway Simulation#

This page describes simulations of (inland) waterways in SUMO.


The simulation of waterways is a developing subject and still carries some difficulties. These are discussed below.

Approaches to ship modelling#

Currently, no exclusive movement model for ships is implemented. Instead the existing models for vehicle movement need to be re-purposed. By setting guiShape="ship", vehicles are drawn in a more appropriate shape.

Problems and workarounds#

  • Due to the one-way nature of edges in sumo, ships cannot overtake each other by using the whole width of the waterway. To allow overtaking, multiple lanes have to be defined.
  • Since the right-of-way rules for ships are more complex than those for road vehicles, waterway intersections are set to uncontrolled by default.

Building a network for waterway simulation#

Waterways can be imported from OSM by adding the type map osmNetconvertShips.typ.xml. They can also be explicitly specified by setting allow="ship".