TraCI/Route Value Retrieval

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Command 0xa6: Get Route Variable

ubyte string
Variable Route ID

Asks for the value of a certain variable of the named route.

The following variable values can be retrieved, the type of the return value is also shown in the table.

Overview Retrievable Route Variables
Variable ValueType Description Python Method
id list (0x00) stringList Returns a list of ids of all currently loaded routes (the given route ID is ignored) getIDList
count (0x01) int Returns the number of currently loaded routes (the given route ID is ignored) getIDCount
edges (0x54) stringList Returns the ids of the edges this route covers getEdges

Response 0xb6: Route Variable

ubyte string ubyte <return_type>
Variable Induction Loop ID Return type of the variable <VARIABLE_VALUE>

The respond to a "Command Get Route Variable".