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The scenario includes:

  • The road network (
  • The routes file (routes6-8.rou.xml) for time between 6:00 and 8:00 (am)
  • The SUMO-configuration file (tapascologne.sumo.cfg)


88x31.png The data is available under the Creative Commons licence.

Setting up such a large scenario is a lot of work and we can not do it by ourselves only. That's why we currently only offer a reduced data set, which contains routes between 6:00 and 8:00 am. If you are really interested in the complete data set, ask how to obtain it at the sumo-user mailing list.


  • <q0/> Network Topology and Edge Parameter
    • <q3/> Completeness
      • Seems to be quite complete (including even minor roads) when compared to other (commercial or administral) road networks; still, some areas are completely missing; no information about "white spots";
      • todo: build density plot comparing commercial and this network (legal?)
    • <q-3/> Lane Number Information
      • The information about lane numbers is stored via types, mainly and seems to be not too good on several places;
      • todo: evaluate how much information is given explicitely
      • todo: compare to images, write down lane number per street
    • <q-2/> Maximum Speed Information
      • Again, mostly available via types, as for lane numbers; should be mismatching on some places
      • todo: evaluate how much information is given explicitely
      • Where can one get better information frmo?
  • <q-1/> Traffic Management Artifacts
    • <q-2/> Traffic Light Positions
      • Given for some junctions (nodes); Still, there seem to be no information whether a node not marked as controlled is really uncontrolled
      • todo: Try to find further controlled junctions or improve guessing
    • <q-3/> Traffic Light Programs
      • Ungiven
      • todo: Ask about the default cycle time (if there is one) in Cologne; apply at least this one to the generated tls logics
    • <q-1/> Other Traffic Management Artifacts
      • completely ungiven
    • <q-1/> Closures, Roads At Work
      • completely ungiven
  • <q-2/> Public Transport
    • completely ungiven
  • <q-2/> Demand Data
    • <q5/> Activity-Based single Person Trips
      • <q5/> No Time Aggregation
      • <q5/> No Start/End Position Aggregation
    • <q-2/> unverified
    • <q-2/> starts partially at highways
    • <q-2/> ad-hoc, errorneous mapping to OSM