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This page lists all licenses of code SUMO depends on directly for compiling. There may be secondary references (like the C++ standard library or a particular OpenGL implementation) which are not mentioned here except for the cases where we deliver binaries for that code.

Referenced Libraries

Xerces-C++ XML Parser

GDAL Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

FOX toolkit GUI Widget Toolkit

[Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable] runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries

Open Scene Graph 3D Graphics Toolkit

FFmpeg Multimedia Library


Code in the repository

All the code which can be found under <SUMO>/src and <SUMO>/tools except for <SUMO>/src/foreign and <SUMO>/tools/contributed is currently licensed under GPL V3+. The code in <SUMO>/src/foreign and <SUMO>/tools/contributed should have separate license files but we strive to list them here as well:

- nvwa (Memory checks library)

Used Version: 1.0
Modifications: unused files removed, added compile guard to debug_new.cpp, fixed throw declarations
Original Page:

- Mersenne Twister Random Number Generator

Random number generator
Used Version: 1.0
Modifications: fixed compiler warnings, added 64bit version of randInt
Original Page:

- tcpip

Simple TCP/IP Socket Class to communicate with other programs
Used Version: from 2012-09-28
Modifications: fixed invalid buffer length calculation, fixed compiler warnings, removed "using namespace std"
Original Page:

- Polyfonts

Text drawing in openGL (with fonts)
Used version: unknown
Modifications: configs included; renamed float to SUMOReal; including our config
Original Page:

- RTree

Improved tiling for the drawing area
Used version: unknown
Modifications: syntactic sugar for gcc compilation; different footprint for "Search" due to a different callback, tests removed because they did not compile
Original Page:

- EulerSpiral

Approximating curves
Used version: unknown
Modifications: fixing warnings (removing unused variables, initializing variables), adding missing includes for cygwin; relicensed under LGPL, see license file
Original page:

- gl2ps

Printing screenshots as ps or pdf files
Used version: 1.3.8
Modifications: fixing warnings (casting, initializing variables), adding NOMINMAX define before windows.h include
Original page:

- msinttypes

ISO C9x compliant stdint.h and inttypes.h for Microsoft Visual Studio 
Used version: r26
Modifications: none
Original page: