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Open Source Development


How To Contribute

Programming Tools


Software Engineering

Configuration Tools

Open Source Traffic Simulation Packages

Road Traffic in General

  • Matsim A mesoscopic simulation package.
  • JUTS - J-Sim based Urban Traffic Simulator A road traffic simulation based on cellular automata written in Java. [not revised].
  • Trafix A road traffic simulation based on cellular automata written in C++. [not revised].
  • Visual Traffic Simulation A java application which allows to build own networks and simulate them. [not revised].
  • MITRASIM-2000 An (open source?) traffic simulation in Java. [not revised].
  • Traffic Cellular Automata+ A java application to test cellular automata traffic models. Very nice, but runs on Java1.3 only.
  • BABSIM A simulation mainly concentrating on highways (BAB=BundesAutoBahnen, Federal Highways). Not yet given o the public.
  • TraffSpot A microscopic simulation with a nice 3D-view.

Traffic Lights Optimisation

  • Green Light District A software for testing optimisation methods from the artificial intelligence, such as reinforcement or genetic algorithms on their abilities to optimise traffic lights within a complex environment. Seems to be closed in July, 2001., works pretty fine.