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(Code repositories with SUMO related stuff)
(Code repositories with SUMO related stuff)
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* [https://github.com/CodingConnected/CodingConnected.Traci C# and ANSI C TraCI interface]
* [https://github.com/CodingConnected/CodingConnected.Traci C# and ANSI C TraCI interface]
* [https://github.com/Andrew-Stebel/Unity-SUMO Unity frontend for SUMO]
* [https://github.com/Andrew-Stebel/Unity-SUMO Unity frontend for SUMO]
* [https://github.com/nitindesh/IFMS Integrated Framework for Mathematical Simulations (IFMS)]
* [https://github.com/sommer/veins Veins]

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At the DLR

Current Projects

  • MAVEN Managing Automated Vehicles Enhances Network
  • TransAID new hierarchical traffic management procedures to allow the smooth integration of automated vehicles in traffic systems
  • VITAL: innovative traffic light control with V2X Communication.
  • VABENE. SUMO simulates and predicts large-scale traffic for disaster and public event management
  • I.MoVe developing additional car following models
  • Urban Mobility Intermodal routing and modeling of transfer between vehicles in SUMO
  • Mobility Inside Using SUMO's intermodal routing engine
  • HubChain (german) simulating autonomous public transport in rural areas
  • MENDEL modeling electric buses and optimizing charging with respect to grid load

Past Projects

  • VEU. In this project, SUMO is used to simulated the traffic of Berlin
  • COLOMBO Cooperative Self-Organizing System for low Carbon Mobility at low Penetration Rates
  • iTetris An Integrated Wireless and Traffic Platform for Real-Time Road Traffic Management Solutions
  • Delphi: country-wide traffic analysis and prognosis for Germany
  • ORINOKO: improvements on mobility in the city of Nürnberg
  • TrafficOnline: traffic flow estimation using cellular phones
  • Soccer2006: Traffic prognosis during the FIFA-WorldCup 2006
  • Weltjugendtag2005: Traffic prognosis during the world youth day 2005
  • TrafficTower: A virtual traffic management centre
  • INVENT: Evaluation of modern traffic management approaches
  • OIS: Verification of using optical sensors for optimization of traffic lights
  • CityMobil Automatic urban transportation. A simulation for a parking lot inspired by the Rome demonstrator is included with SUMO.
  • DRIVE C2X Driving implementation and evaluation of C2X communication technology

At other Institutions

Current Projects

  • VENTOS a VEhicular NeTwork Open Simulator
  • Webots a 3D physics robot simulator connected to SUMO
  • eWorld - an application that allows to convert and enrich roads networks; interaction is done via the TraCI-protocol
  • "Assessment of traffic regulation policies for the minimization of pollutants emissions"
    by Mauro Bianchi at CEFRIEL, Italy.
    This project uses SUMO in combination with EMEP/CORINAIR methodology for evaluating the impact of different traffic regulation strategies on pollutants emissions. Traffic simulations are performed offline for identifying some optimal regulation policies for different local traffic conditions, using a simple evolutionary algorithm. We hypothesize an online regulation system with a network of sensors that is used to recognize the current traffic situations and deploy the optimal traffic regulation policies.
  • Fidens – Trust between Cooperative Systems in Application to VANETs
    This project investigates trust in vehicular networks (VANETs). Besides the trust research, it features a simulation environment for large scale vehicular network applications. Our typical scenario involves about 13000 vehicles per day over 26 weeks. We build on top of SUMO and the network simulator Shawn. Shawn aims on investigating an algorithm in a network while the underlying layers are kept well controlled. To do so, it simulates the effects of the underlying layers, not their protocols in detail. This makes it especially fast and suitable for application developers.

Past Projects

  • GPS-Route
    by Stefan Edelkamp, Shahidd Jabar and Tilman Mehrer (supervisors) from the University of Dortmund, Germany
    many thanks go to students who have extendended SUMO: Maik Drozdzynski, Andreas Gaubatz and Miguel Liebe
    publications: Edelkamp, Jabar, Mehrer, 2005

Code repositories with SUMO related stuff