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From 30.000 feet

MESO is a mesoscopic simulation model which uses the same input data as SUMO. It computes vehicle movements with queues and runs up to 100 times faster than the microscopic model of SUMO. Additionally, due to using a coarser model for intersections and lane-changing it is more tolerant of network modelling errors than SUMO. MESO is currently not open, but made available for project partners only.

Purpose: Simulates a defined scenario
System: portable (Linux/Windows is tested); runs on command line
Input (mandatory):
A) a road network as generated via NETCONVERT or NETGENERATE, see Building Networks
B) a set of routes (as generated by DUAROUTER, JTRROUTER, DFROUTER, or ACTIVITYGEN, see also Definition of Vehicles, Vehicle Types, and Routes)
Input (optional): Additional definitions of traffic lights, variable speed signs, output detectors etc.
Output: SUMO allows to generate a wide set of outputs; visualization is done using SUMO-GUI
Programming Language: C++

Usage Description