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A vehicle can be equipped with an SSM Device which logs the conflicts of the vehicle and other traffic participants (currently only vehicles) and corresponding safety surrogate measures.

  1. Equipping vehicles

To attach an SSM device to a vehicle, the standard device-equipment procedures can be applied using <device name>=ssm.

For instance, a single vehicle can be equipped (with a device parametrized by default values) as in the following example

    <vehicle id="v0" route="route0" depart="0">
        <param key="has.ssm.device" value="true"/>

The SSM device generates an output file (one for each vehicle named ssm_<vehicleID>.xml per default, but several vehicles may write to the same file). The top level elements of the generated file are <conflict begin="<log-begin-time>" end="<log-end-time>" ego="<equipped-vehicleID>" foe="<opponent-vehicleID>"> ... </conflict>.

The SSM device supports output-customization by a range of parameters.