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Variable Speed Signs (VSS)

One of the trigger objects that may be specified within an additional-file allows the simulation of variable speed signs. The syntax for such an object is: <variableSpeedSign id="<VSS_ID>" lanes="<LANE_ID>[;<LANE_ID>]*" file="<DEF_FILE>"/>.

A file name must be supplied, called <DEF_FILE> within the schema above. This file must contain the information about when a certain speed shall be set onto the lane. This file has the following format:

   <step time="<TIME>" speed="<SPEED>"/>
   <step time="<TIME>" speed="<SPEED>"/>

   ... further entries ...

   <step time="<TIME>" speed="<SPEED>"/>

Each step is a combination of the time the next new speed shall be set and the speed to set itself.

A small example for usage of vss' may be found in the SUMO directory under "examples/extended/variable_speed_signs".