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===Related to other topics===
===Related to other topics===
* eWorld - an application that allows to convert and enrich roads networks; interaction is done via the [[TraCI]]-protocol (home: http://eworld.sourceforge.net/)
* eWorld - an application that allows to convert and enrich roads networks; interaction is done via the [[TraCI]]-protocol (home: http://eworld.sourceforge.net/)
==Yet Uncategorized==
* [[CurrentVehicleClasses]]

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Welcome to SUMOWiki

This Wiki contains information about the Sumo (Simulation for Urban MObility) simulation framework. Here you can get answers to frequently asked questions or follow Tutorials. Furthermore this Wiki serves as communication platform for the Sumo developers and last but not least as a project reference concerning projects and publications in connection with Sumo.

The content of this Wiki is freely editable according to the wiki style. That means, whenever You find a solution to a problem mentioned on the [Contact|mailing lists], feel free to add an article to this Wiki or an entry to the frequently asked questions. Here is a short help on editing articles.

Please do not ask questions inside the Wiki. Use the [Contact|mailing lists] for that purpose. If you want to report a bug, please use the Sourceforge BugTracker.

This page is also our central hub linking to the most important pages.

User documentation

Developer documentation

  • Roadmap - information about what has been done and what will be done in the next time
  • UsedLibraries - which libraries are used
  • CodeStyle - information about how the sourcecode should look like
  • ImplementationNotes - more information about several subtopics (error handling, options sub system)
  • Tests - information about performed software tests
  • HowToRelease - how to build a release

Build instructions

  • InstallBinary - How to use the binary Windows distribution
  • Build - General build information (includes doc building)
  • Patches - solving problems when building the current release
  • LinuxBuild - how to build on Linux
  • WindowsBuild - how to build on Windows
  • DailyBuild - What is done regularly and where to find the logs
  • Status page - results of nightly builds and tests

Project reference

  • Projects - this contains references to all projects using Sumo, if you start a new one, please add a line (and possibly a link) there
  • Publications - a list of publications either referring to Sumo or referred by Sumo (e.g. in the user documentation), if you publish something please add a link
  • Links - related projects and other pages of interest
  • Diplom- und Studienarbeiten - proposals for diploma and other theses (in German)


Related to C2C

Related to online calibration

  • iTranSIM - extension of SUMO by online-calibration using induction loop data by Tino Morenz

Related to other topics

Yet Uncategorized