Z/Changes from Version 0.11.0 to Version 0.11.1

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  • All
    • configuration xml format changed again to <section><key value="val"/></section> (use <SUMO_HOME>/tools/10to11.py to convert from old to new representation)
    • Bugs in Dijkstra implementation fixed (affecting at least duarouter, routing with traci and automatic rerouting) (01.10.2009)
  • Simulation
    • debugged problems when loading TLS definitions with T=0
    • implemented a variable car-following model API; many thanks to Tobias Mayer and Christoph Sommer for the collaboration who did most of the work.
    • debugged occurence of negative vehicle speeds during emit
    • reworked the mean data output (handling multiple lanes correctly)
    • making projection mandatory for OSM and DLR-Navteq networks (03.09.2009)
    • removed option --rotation-to-apply - was not properly working anyway (02.09.2009)
    • removed support for "old" TIGER networks - assuming the current ones are given as shape files; --tiger <FILE> is now mapped onto --shapefile <FILE> (02.09.2009)
    • removed support for "split" Elmar networks (option --elmar <FILE>) (02.09.2009)
    • renamed --elmar2 <FILE> to --dlr-navteq <FILE> (02.09.2009)
    • renamed --arcview <FILE> to --shapefile <FILE> (02.09.2009)
      • please note, that all subsequent options have been adapted (but the old names still work as aliases)
    • added the possibility to define changes of lane numbers along an edge in XML-descriptions (03.09.2009)
    • replaced --use-projection by --proj.utm and --proj.dhdn which determine the correct parameters for the two widely used projections from the input data
    • for developers: using same loading procedure for all imported networks, see Developer/How To/Net Importer
    • debugged problems with induction loop measure with time>end time
    • debugged problems with spaces in induction loop measures