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Version 0.27.0 (12.07.2016)


  • Simulation
    • Attribute via is now used when routing trips and flows within the simulation. Issue #1272
    • Vehicles stopping at a <stop> now reach the exact location when using sub-second step-lengths. Issue #1224
    • Vehicles are no longer considered stopped at a <stop> while still driving with high speed. Issue #1864
    • Scheduled stops no longer count towards waitSteps and timeLoss in tripinfo-output. Issue #2311
    • Fixed bug where vehicles would not depart from a triggered stop Issue #2339
    • Fixed deadlock when vehicles with triggered stops could not load passengers or containers due to capacity constraints.
    • Fixed invalid edge travel times used for dynamic routing in case flow differs among the lanes. Issue #2362
    • Fixed invalid edge travel times used for dynamic routing due to invalid averaging Issue #2351
    • Fixed invalid time stamps for leave times and an off by one for instant induction loops Issue #1841
  • MESO
    • The jam-front back-propagation speed now reaches realistic values (it was illogically low before). Note that default value of option --meso-taujj changes as well as it's semantics. Issue #2244
    • Fixed bug where the simulation would not terminate when using calibrators. Issue #2346
    • The options --meso-tauff and --meso-taufj now define net time gaps (default values were changed accordingly). The gross time gaps are computed based on vehicle lengths and edge speed to allow for more realistic flow in networks with widely varying speed limits. This also affects the threshold that defines jamming when using default options (thresholds based on allowed speeds). Issue #2364
    • Fixed connection-guessing heuristic. Issue #1992, Issue #1219, Issue #1633, Issue #2398
    • Option --remove-edges.by-vclass is now working when loading a .net.xml file. Issue #2280
    • Fixed bugs when importing cycleways from OSM. Issue #2324
    • Option --output.original-names now records original edge ids even if input edges were joined. Issue #2369
    • Fixed invalid road types when exporting OpenDRIVE networks. Issue #2487
    • Fixed invalid lane permissions due to invalid removal of geometry-like nodes. Issue #2488
    • Fixed crash when loading a large number of background images.
    • Fixed persons showing up too early in the locator. Issue #1673
    • Fixed crash when trying to set an empty string as edge length or edge width. Issue #2322
    • Fixed crash when deleting the last lane of an edge.
    • Trips and flows that use attribute via to loop over the destination edge more than once are now working. Issue #2271
    • The output is now correctly sorted when using trips as input. Issue #2361
    • Polyconvert output files can now be imported again by Polyconvert (i.e. for further transformations). Issue #1715
  • TraCI
    • Fixed route.add, gui.screenshot and gui.trackVehicle and various lane commands for the C++ TraCI API client
    • Fixed crash when trying to set invalid routes. Issue #2285
    • Fixed invalid values when retrieving edge mean speed and edge travel time in case flow differs among the lanes. Issue #2362
    • Fixed retrieval of exit times for vehicles that spend multiple steps on an inductionloop when retrieving last step vehicle data (0x17). Issue #2326


  • MESO
    • The option --meso-jam-threshold <FLOAT> now gives additional freedom when configuring a speed dependent jam-threshold. When an value below 0 is given the absolute value is taking as a factor for the minimum unjammed speed. Thus, negative values closer to 0 result in less jamming. The default value remains at -1 and results in the original behaviour (values above 0 set the occupancy fraction threshold independent of edge speed as before).
    • The number of running vehicles and persons is now shown in the status bar. This display also acts as a button for opening the network parameter dialog. Issue #1943
    • Charging stations are now shown in a different color when active.
    • Persons are now more visible when selecting Draw with constant size when zoomed out.
    • Added the averaged speeds that are used for simulation routing to the lane parameter dialog.
    • Added new option --demo <BOOL> which automatically reloads and starts the simulation every time it ends. Issue #1645
    • Can now color edges by the averaged speeds that are used for simulation routing.
    • Can now color edge segments (mesoscopic vehicle queues) individually by various traffic measures. Issue #2243
    • Added option default.lanewidth <FLOAT> for setting the default width of lanes (also applies to NETGENERATE).
    • Added option numerical-ids <BOOL> for forcing all node and edge IDs to be integers (also applies to NETGENERATE). Issue #1724
    • Added Option speed.minimum to avoid negative speeds when using Option --speed.offset. Issue #2363
    • Many additional network structures such as busStops, detectors and variable speed signs can now be defined and manipulated. Issue #1916
    • Added option grid.alphanumerical-ids <BOOL> for using a chess-like intersection naming scheme (A1, B3, etc).
  • TraCI
    • Added vehicle command next TLS to retrieve upcoming traffic lights along a vehicles route. Issue #1760
    • The vehicle command move to XY (formerly move to VTD) now supports an additional flag which selects whether the original route shall be kept or the route may change and whether the vehicle may leave the road network. Issue #2033, Issue #2258
    • The vehicle command move to XY now allows moving vehicles that are still in the insertion buffer.
    • Added functions vehicle.add, vehicle.remove and vehicle.moveToXY to the C++ TraCI API client
    • Added object variable subscriptions and context subscriptions to the C++ TraCI-library (subscribe, getSubscriptionResults, subscribeContext, getContextSubscriptionResults). Thanks to Erik Newton for the patch.
    • Added person value retrieval functions to the C++ TraCI API client. Thanks to Caner Ipek for the patch.
    • Added vehicle command get speedmode 0xb3 to retrieve the speed mode of vehicles. Issue #2455
    • Added vehicle command get slope 0x36 to retrieve the slope at its current position Issue #2071
    • Added vehicle, lane and edge command get electricity consumption 0x71 to retrieve the electricity consumption if the emission model supports it. Issue #2211
    • Multiple subscriptions for the same object are now merged. Issue #2318


    • Network version is now 0.27.0