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Version 0.32.0 (19.12.2017)


  • Simulation
    • Fixed collisions in the sublane model Issue #3446, Issue #3595, Issue #3613
    • Fixed bug that was causing invalid behavior in the sublane model when used with option --step-method.ballistic. Issue #3486
    • Fixed bug that was causing deadlocks after undercutting minimum gap. Issue #3486
    • Fixed bug that was causing deadlocks at intersections. Issue #3615
    • Option --ignore-route-errors now also applies to invalid (i.e. misordered) stop definitions. Issue #3441
    • PHEMlight handles large acceleration values better Issue #3390 and has updated emission values for new Diesel cars
    • <stop> definitions using attribute until that are used within a <flow> now shift the until times according to the offset between departure and flow begin. Issue #1514
    • <chargingStation> attribute chargeDelay now accepts floating point values.
    • <chargingStation> attribute chargeDelay now works with subsecond simulation.
    • Vehicles passing a minor link with impatience 0 no longer force braking for prioritized vehicles. Issue #3494
    • Fixed bug that was causing collisions between vehicles and pedestrians Issue #3527
    • Fixed slow simulation when combining cars and ships in one simulation. Issue #3528
    • Fixed collisions on junctions between vehicles coming from the same lane. Issue #1006,Issue #3536
    • Fixed failure to change lanes for speed gain in the sublane model. Issue #3582
    • Fixed collision of a vehicle with itself. Issue #3584
    • Several fixes in regard to intermodal routing. Issue #3613, Issue #3622, Issue #3560, Issue #3561, Issue #3562
    • Fixed crash when simulating pedestrians. Issue #3484
    • Coloring by selection is now working for pedestrian crossings. Issue #3396
    • Options --window-size and --window-pos are now working when set in a configuration file. Issue #3406
    • Vehicle blinkers that signal left or right turns now remain switched on while the vehicle is still on the intersection (requires networks to be rebuilt). Issue #3478
    • Fixed invalid lane-change blinkers for near-zero lateral movements in the sublane model. Issue #3612
    • Fixed invalid vehicle angle when using the sublane model. Issue #3609
    • Networks created with simple projection can now be shown. Issue #3467
    • Fixed invalid duration factor in network parameters for sub-second simulation. Issue #3600
    • Fixed handling of XML special characters when exporting arbitrary text via option --all-attributes. Issue #3447
    • Fixed crash when importing Vissim networks.
    • Fixed bug that was causing invalid signal plans when loading a .net.xml file and removing edges from an intersection with pedestrian crossings (the link indices for crossings were re-assigned but the signal plan was left unmodified creating a mismatch).
    • No longer writing pedestrian crossings with length 0 (minimum length is 0.1m).
    • Parameters (i.e. those for actuated traffic lights) are no longer lost when importing .net.xml files or plain-xml files. Issue #3343
    • Fixed bug that was causing invalid networks to be generated when additional lanes were placed to the right of a sidewalk. Issue #3503
    • Fixed bug that was causing invalid networks to be generated when nodes without connections were part of a joined traffic light Issue #3715
    • Defining pedestrian crossings for Pedestrian Scramble is now supported. Issue #3518
    • Custom traffic light plans for pedestrian crossings are no longer modified. Issue #3534
    • Fixed invalid traffic light plans at pedestrian crossings for node type traffic_light_right_on_red. Issue #3535
    • Fixed invalid right of way rules at node type traffic_light_right_on_red that could cause deadlock. Issue #3538
    • Networks with intersections that are very close to each other can now be re-imported. Issue #3585
    • Edges that do not have connections are now correctly represented in plain-xml output. Issue #3589
    • Fixed invalid geometry in opendrive-output for lefthand networks. Issue #3678
    • Fixed invalid road markings in opendrive-output.
    • Fixed bug that was causing pedestrian crossings to remain uncontrolled at traffic light controlled intersections. Issue #3472
      Regression in 0.31.0. As a workaround, networks that were saved with netedit 0.31.0 can be repaired by calling netconvert -s bugged.net.xml -o fixed.net.xml or simply reopened and saved with a fresh nightly build of NETEDIT.
    • Options --window-size and --window-pos are now working when set in a configuration file. Issue #3406
    • Fixed crash when setting linkIndex. Issue #3642
    • Fixed invalid public transport routing if the last vehicle departs before the person enters the simulation. Issue #3493
  • TraCI
    • Fixed bug in traci.trafficlights.setLinkState.
    • Fixed bug in traci.vehicle.getDrivingDistance related to internal edges. Issue #3553
    • Fixed bug in traci.vehicle.getDistance related to looped routes. Issue #3648
    • Fixed bug in traci.simulation.getDistance2D and traci.simulation.getDistanceRoad related to internal edges. Issue #3554
    • Command load no longer fails when there are too many arguments or long file paths. Issue #3599
    • Fixed bug in traci.vehicle.changeLane when using the sublane model. Issue #3634
  • Tools
    • Fixed bug that would trigger an infinite loop in flowrouter.py.
    • ptlines2flows.py fixes:
      • missing stops no longer result in crashing
      • fixed invalid until times when multiple lines use the same stop
    • emissionsDrivingCycle now uses the slope values from the correct time step when forward calculation of acceleration is enabled
    • generateTurnDefs.py now writes interval information. Thanks to Srishti Dhamija for the patch. Issue #3712


  • Simulation
    • Added option --collision.mingap-factor to control whether collisions are registered when the vehicle minGap is violated. With the default value of 1.0 minGap must always be maintained. When setting this to 0 only physical collisions are registered. Issue #1102
    • Added new junction model parameters Issue #3148:
      • jmIgnoreFoeProb, jmIgnoreFoeSpeed can be used to configure right-of-way violations.
      • jmSigmaMinor allows configuring driving imperfection (dawdling) while passing a minor link.
      • jmTimegapMinor configures the minimum time gap when passing a minor link ahead of a prioritized vehicle.
      • jmDriveAfterRedTime and jmDriveRedSpeed allow configuring red-light violations depending on the duration of the red phase.
    • Added new laneChangeModel-attribute lcLookaheadLeft to configure the asymmetry between strategic lookahead when changing to the left or to the right. Issue #3490
    • Added new laneChangeModel-attribute lcSpeedGainRight to configure the asymmetry between thrhesholds when changing for speed gain to the left or to the right. Issue #3497
    • Electric vehicles can now be used for emission-model (electricity) output by setting emissionClass="Energy/unknown"
    • Tripinfo-output for pedestrians now includes routeLength, duration and timeLoss. Issue #3305
    • duration-log.statistics-output now informs about person rides. Issue #3620
    • Vehicles that end their route with a stop on a parkingArea (arrivalPos is within the parkingArea bounds) will be assigned a new destination after rerouting to another parkingArea (previously they would drive to the original parkingArea edge after finishing their stop). Issue #3647
    • Rerouters now support the attribute timeThreshold which makes their activation dependent on on a minimum amount of accumulated waiting time. Issue #3669
    • Simulation step length has been decoupled from the action step length, which is the vehicle's interval of taking decisions. This can be configured globally via the option '--default.action-step-length', or per vehicle via the parameter 'actionStepLength'.
    • Transparency is now working for all objects.
    • Junction parameters can now be inspected.
    • Upcoming stops are now shown in the vehicle parameter window and also in the network when selecting show current route. Issue #3679
    • When using option --numerical-ids together with option --output.original-names, the original IDs of all renamed nodes and edges are written to <param> elements with key origId. Issue #3246
    • connections now support the attribute speed to set a custom (maximum) speed on intersections. Issue #3460
    • connections now support the attribute shape to set a custom shape. Issue #2906
    • crossings now support the attribute shape to set a custom shape. Issue #2906
    • The new element <walkingArea> can now be used in con.xml files to define custom walking area shapes. Issue #2906
    • Added options --osm.stop-output.length.bus, --osm.stop-output.length.train, --osm.stop-output.length.tram to set appropriate default stop lengths for different modes of traffic (in conjunction with option --ptstop-output).
    • Added options --osm.all-attributes <BOOL> which can be used to import additional edge parameters such as bridge, tunnel and postcode.
    • Parallel lanes of connecting roads are now written as a single road in opendrive-output. Issue #2700
    • Additional objects (i.e. detectors) as well as POIs and Polygons can now be located based on their ID. Issue #3069
    • Connection and Crossing shapes can now be edited visually. Issue #3464
    • Object types such as edges or polygons can now be locked against selection modification. Issue #3471
    • The traffic light index of controlled connections can now be edited in Inspect Mode. Issue #2627
    • Added button to traffic light mode for cleaning up unused states from a traffic light plan.
    • Vehicles and flows which are considered public transport (have the line attribute) are now only routed if an additional option --ptline-routing is given. Issue #2824
    • route alternative output (.rou.alt.xml) now contains costs for pedestrian stages. Issue #3491
  • TraCI
    • return value of trafficlights.getControlledLinks is now a list of lists (of links) for the C++ client as well
    • python client now supports the whole API for vehicle.setAdaptedTraveltime and vehicle.setEffort (resetting custom values or setting with default time range) by using default arguments.
      The order of parameters had to be changed to allow this. Old code will still work but trigger a warning.


  • Simulation
    • chargingstations-output now writes times as seconds rather than milliseconds.
    • Default value of option --pedestrian.striping.stripe-width changed to 0.64 (previously 0.65). This allows vehicles with default width to pass a pedestrian on a road with default width.
    • preliminary version of libsumo is available for experimental building of your own apps using SUMO as a "library" (calling its functions directly without TraCI)
    • default font changed to Roboto
    • Removed OpenGL visualisation option Antialias
    • E3-Entry and -Exit detectors are now drawn in darker color to better distinguish them from traffic lights. Issue #3378
    • The element <customShape> is no longer supported. Instead <connection> and <crossing> support the shape attribute. To set a custom shape for walkingAreas, the new element <walkingArea> may be used.
  • TraCI
    • TraCI version is now 17