Z/Changes from Version 0.9.10 to Version 0.10.0

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  • Build
    • removed obsolete configuration option --enable-speedcheck
  • All
    • using a reduced, faster XML parser (not validating)
    • default vehicle length is set to 7.5m (including gap)
    • route format changed ("edges" attribute)
    • (junction) internal lanes are the default now
    • copyright changed (removed obsolete ZAIK reference)
    • solved bug 2137657: edges disappear in combination with --keep-edges
    • changed APIs for setting lane-2-lane connections
    • work on Vissim-import
    • Now, the node positions are not added to an edge's geometry if one exists (if the edge has no explicite geometry, the node positions are still used). --add-node-positions was added, so that the old behaviour is still available
    • Changed features of --plain-outoput: plain-nodes now contain tls information, addtionally, plain-connections are written
    • changed computation whether a link is a left-mover
    • changed traffic lights computation
    • removed unneeded option --all-logics
    • removed "FileErrorReporter" usage
    • too complicated junctions (#links>64) are catched and set to unregulated
    • corrected computation of right-of-way rules
    • solved bug 2392943: netconvert fails when removing edges and guessing ramps
    • solved bug 2171355: turnarounds even with --no-turnarounds
    • building turnarounds may be now skipped for tls-controlled edges (using --no-tls-turnarounds)
    • removed unneeded option --all-logics
    • refactoring
    • in-line documentation added
    • added OSM-import functionality
    • added shape-file - import functionality (imports points, line strings, polygons, and their multi-pendants)
      • import is done via --shape-files
      • the id-field is given via --shape-file.id-name <NAME>
      • optional projection guess is done via --arcview.guess-projection
    • renamed --visum-file to --visum-files; debugged