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  • GUI
    • The gui now remembers the last used folder
    • The gui now remembers his
    • The instance chooser was reworked and shows now which items are selected
    • An selected-items dialog with the ability to save the names of the selected items was implemented
    • New colours for aggregated view (aggregated views are still a prototype)
    • Fixed a bug at optional texture disabling
    • Update of trackers and tables on simulation steps added
    • About-dialog debugged
    • Message window scrolls if new text is appended
  • Router
    • Output holding the number of loaded, build, and discarded routes added
    • --move-on-short function implemented
    • Bug on repeatedly emitted vehicles patched
  • Simulation
    • Bug on repeatedly emitted vehicles patched
  • Netconvert
    • Made the geometry of junctions pretty again
    • Too conservative right-of-way rules on importing vissim-networks was reworked
  • general implementation issues
    • Replaced most output to cerr by MsgHandler-calls
  • Documentation
    • extended the detector-documentation (user)
    • extended the gui-documentation
    • extended the description of the build process
    • added missing pictures
    • resized some pictures
    • improved the visibility of XML-format descriptions

... and some other things ...