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User-relevant changes:

  • GUI
    • Selections
      • Flag icons added to Popup-Menues
      • Shift adds (de)selects the whole street, not only a lane
      • Selection-Editor now saves to *.txt-files
    • Centering of objects has been revalidated
    • Variable Speed Signs
      • Visualisation of vss added
      • Added the possibility to interact with vss'
    • "Reload Simulation" option added
    • Status-Bar message patched
    • Rotation removed (was buggy)
    • Error on closing the gui if parameter tracker are opened patched
    • Value tracker may now be aggregated and are able to save the tracked values
    • POlygon visualisation added
    • Breakpoints added
    • Setting and Saving of additional net weights added (preliminary, subject to improve)
    • Coloring by type and by route added
  • Simulation
    • Reports why the simulation ended if in verbose mode
    • emissions-output error due to a division by zero patched
    • VSS may now control several lanes
  • general
    • Options
      • Errors on default value usage patched
  • Documentation
    • trying to separate XML-code (green) from command line options (red)
  • Netconvert
    • --map-output <FILE> builds a mapping that shows which edges have been removed while joining
    • guess-tls - options added
    • extended the FastLane-import by the -l parameter for the number of lanes
    • --explicite-junctions <JUNCTION_NAME_LIST> allows to say which junctions shall be explicitely tls-controlled
    • --explicite-no-junctions <JUNCTION_NAME_LIST> allows to say which junctions shall be explicitely non-tls-controlled
    • --edges-min-speed <SPEED_MS> allows to remove all edges from the input on which a lower speed than <SPEED_MS> is allowed
    • --elmar allows to import NavTech-GDF-files parsed using Elmar Brockfelds parser
    • --tiger allows to import tiger files (preliminary, does not look THAAAAT good for an unknown reason, yet)
  • Router
    • Generation of random route after the first depart fixed
    • Warnings about missing weights are printed only once per edge
    • Supplementary Weights
  • Examples have now a new folder structure

Developer-relevant changes:

  • GUI
    • Selected structures are now in a separate class
    • Additional structures are now displayed using the same "API"
  • Simulation
    • removed the MSNet::dictionary
    • refactored the MSMeanData-output