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Changes from version 0.9.6 to version 0.9.7

  • 23.05.07: GUISIM now contains storages for recent configs AND networks, usage of "RecentFiles" reworked
  • 23.05.07: DOCS: generated pdfs are copied to <SUMO_DIST>/docs
  • 24.05.07: DOCS: removed references to man-pages in docs section
  • 24.05.07: DOCS: links to FAQ and Publications point to the wiki now
  • 24.05.07: DUAROUTER/SIM: removed the snipplet embedding prototype (was not yet used)
  • 24.05.07: TOOLS: added script to apply Astyle on the complete code
  • 24.05.07: TOOLS: flowrouter.py and flowFromRoutes.py can deal with non-integer flows
  • 24.05.07: TOOLS: flowrouter.py has an option to ignore detector types
  • 24.05.07: NETGEN: replaced an occurence of rand() with randSUMO() and reworked the randomness code a little
  • 30.05.07: DFROUTER: moved to the new exception-handling concept (see Developer/Implementation Notes/Error Handling)
  • 30.05.07: DFROUTER: removed bug "[ 1724214 ] no user information about missing file description header"
  • 31.05.07: declaring ";" list divider as deprecated
  • 06.06.07: large code recheck: moved warning pragmas to windows-config; patched inclusion of the correct configuration file
  • 07.06.07: started to rework exception handling (no more XMLBuildingExceptions, mostly ProcessErrors)
  • 12.06.07: changed API for xml-handlers (now only supplying the numerical element ids); made handler functions not pure virtual
  • 12.06.07: made PROJ and GDAL optional
  • 20.06.07: new XML header in most output files
  • 22.06.07: Version info added automatically
  • 27./29.06.07: reworked computation of lane-to-lane directions and main direction (see also OpenProblems)
  • 02.07.07: Added tests for error handling while loading broken networks (SUMO, JTRROUTER, DUAROUTER, DFROUTER)
  • somewhere between: reworked application subsystem (removing OptionsSubSys)
  • renaming variables to the myVar scheme
  • 16.07.07: removed -l to be used as a shortcut for --lane-weights because -l is already used as a shortcut for --log-file (DUAROUTER, JTRROUTER)
  • 16.07.07: removed the omit-unbuild-edges - option; there should be no other functionality than for --dismiss-loading-errors (NETCONVERT, NETGEN)
  • 17.07.07: refactored VISUM-net importer; now using 2 classes instead of 18 (NETCONVERT)
  • 17.07.07: debugged GUISIM's options handling
  • 17.07.07: removed support for ARTEMIS (never used since 2003)
  • OutputDevice supports TCP sockets
  • skipping MSVC6 / 7 support
  • DFRouter beautification
  • JTRRouter uses vehicle classes
  • possibility to switch traffic lights off
  • preparing subsecond simulation
  • Cell/Fastlane support removed
  • unsupported applications removed
  • starting detector refactorization
  • emitting at the end of the step
  • ITM-RemoteServer renamed to TraCI
  • Visual Studio 64bit build (without Proj, GDAL and Fox)
  • Route handling changed (multiref deprecated)