Z/Changes from Version 0.10.2 to Version 0.10.3

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  • All
    • A daily build for windows is available at: http://sumo.sf.net/daily/sumo-msvc8-bin.zip
    • Made tests tolerant for floating point inprecision
    • First Unit Tests added by Matthias Heppner (thanks!!)
    • Xerces 3 may now be used optionally
  • Simulation
    • further work on simulation of inner-junction traffic in dense scenarios
    • prunning on a bounding box was revalidated; tests were added
    • made reading of detector positions more fault-tolerant
  • TraCI
    • tests revalidated
    • Tutorial on interaction with traffic lights added by Lena Kalleske (thanks!!)
    • added the possibility to retrieve a complete tls definition via TraCI