Z/Changes from version 0.9.2 to version 0.9.3

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User-relevant changes

  • GUI
    • version information in gui patched
    • segfaults on loading broken configs patched
    • catching opening a second file using recent files added
    • subwindows are now deleted on (re)loading the simulation
    • some improvements on visualisation (unfinished (GridBuilder))
    • viewport changer debugged
    • problems on loading geometry items patched
    • list of selected items is now cleared on closing/reloading (was buggy before)
    • table editing debugged
    • rerouters are now correctly named
  • Simulation
    • debugging numeric issues in MSVehicle
    • Emitters reworked
  • Netconversion
    • output during netbuilding patched
    • network geometry reworked (unfinished)
    • "speed-in-km" is now called "speed-in-kmh"
    • "type-file" is now called "xml-type-files"
    • removed two files definition for arcview
    • allowed further information to be stored in arcview-files
  • Documentation
    • User docs, netconversion partly updated
    • further work on tls-api-description
  • All
    • copyright information patched

Developer-relevant changes

  • GUI
    • unused addTimeout/removeTimeout-APIs removed
    • debugged building of the gui-application with MSVC7
  • Simulation
    • (MS|GUI)TriggeredEmitter is now (MS|GUI)Emitter
    • TLS-API: MSEdgeContinuations added
    • usage of internal lanes is now optional at building
  • All
    • got rid of the old MSVC memory leak checker
    • several memory leaks removed
    • made checking the geometry for correctness optional on building (CHECK_UNIQUE_POINTS_GEOMETRY)
    • made memory checking optional on building (CHECK_MEMORY_LEAKS)
    • foreign libraries will now be moved to src/foreign