Changes in versions pre0.8 up to 0.8.3

Version 0.8.3 (07.10.2005)#

User-relevant changes

  • Simulation
    • debugged false tls-offset computation
  • Windows-package
    • added libraries missing in

Version (09.09.2005)#

User-relevant changes:

  • Simulation
    • XML-Trigger bug on using speed triggers removed
    • emission of vehicles on multi-lane source edges debugged (now all lanes are used)
    • Debugged the problem of vehicles stopping before the route is over (reported by Jonathan Davies)
    • setting tls-offsets debugged
  • netconvert
    • Computation of left-movers debugged

Version (22.12.2004)#

Please remind that several option names have changed! The most important: "net-files" (router, simulation) is now "net-file"...

Check user documentation and man-pages for this.

User-relevant changes:

  • GUI
    • "Clear Message Window" menu added
    • the icons now allow loading instantly after the previous loading has failed
    • Renamed to "guisim"
    • using gradients instead of pure interpolation
    • windows-icons patched
    • added ability to take snapshots
    • using popups instead of comboboxes for finding structures and switching between coloring schemes in order to save place
    • speeded up handling of errors
    • Locators hidden behind a popup
    • ToolTips do now not hide dialog windows
    • Configuration errors are now reported to the window
    • Added the possibility to display a vehicle's route
    • added the possibility to save timelines
  • Simulation
    • building dump-files now reports about failures
    • Patched some of the lane-changing bugs
    • time-to-teleport -option added
    • replace "treshhold" by "threshold"
  • netconvert
    • Plain output of node and edges added (--plain-output)
    • got rid of the arcview/shapelib-import chaos
    • --explicite-junctions -> --explicite-tls
    • --explicite-no-junctions -> --explicite-no-tls
    • --keep-edges.input-file
    • --keep-edges - option added
    • --keep-edges.input-file
    • Geometry computation bug patched
  • Router
    • Bug on processing all time steps patched
    • Route output reformatted
    • max-alternatives
  • Documentation
    • Man-pages added

Developer-relevant changes:

  • GUI
    • Have reworked the class dependencies completely in order to make derivation more easy
  • Simulation
    • output moved to "output"
    • outputs write to OutputDevices, not ostreams
    • reworked lanechanging


  • GUI
    • The gui now remembers the last used folder
    • The gui now remembers his
    • The instance chooser was reworked and shows now which items are selected
    • An selected-items dialog with the ability to save the names of the selected items was implemented
    • New colors for aggregated view (aggregated views are still a prototype)
    • Fixed a bug at optional texture disabling
    • Update of trackers and tables on simulation steps added
    • About-dialog debugged
    • Message window scrolls if new text is appended
  • Router
    • Output holding the number of loaded, build, and discarded routes added
    • --move-on-short function implemented
    • Bug on repeatedly emitted vehicles patched
  • Simulation
    • Bug on repeatedly emitted vehicles patched
  • netconvert
    • Made the geometry of junctions pretty again
    • Too conservative right-of-way rules on importing vissim-networks was reworked
  • general implementation issues
    • Replaced most output to cerr by MsgHandler-calls
  • Documentation
    • extended the detector-documentation (user)
    • extended the gui-documentation
    • extended the description of the build process
    • added missing pictures
    • resized some pictures
    • improved the visibility of XML-format descriptions

... and some other things ...

Version pre0.8#

  • Further applications added: router, od2trips-converter, tagreader
  • A graphical user interface
  • Further import possibilities added: ArcView, Visum, Vissim (partly in work), ARTEMIS
  • A new concept of the microsimulation
  • Traffic lights simulation
  • Working lane changing