Changes in the 2010 releases (versions 0.12.0, 0.12.1 and 0.12.2)

Version 0.12.2 (07.12.2010)#

  • all
    • added options to save the xml schema for the configuration file
    • added "--version" option
  • Simulation
    • arrivalpos, arrivallane and arrivalspeed parameters for vehicles
    • correcting lots of person handling bugs
    • refactoring vehicle route output and tripinfo into devices
    • clean up of inheritance structure of MSVehicle
  • GUI
    • drawing arrows instead of using bitmaps

Version 0.12.1 (07.10.2010)#

Version 0.12.0 (27.05.2010)#

  • Simulation
    • solved regarding red light late blocks vehicles
    • corrected the documentation on using an abstract vehicle class; the attribute which defines it is named vclass not class.
    • introducing flows as replacement for vehicles with repno and period
    • introducing stops in routes
    • corrected unmotivated deceleration in front of intersections reported by Björn Hendriks (thanks!)
    • added option --sloppy-emit for not trying to emit on full edges (speeds up the simulation a lot)
  • TraCI
    • moved to representation of time in milliseconds
    • Induction Loop occupancy is now given in % as defined
  • sumo-gui
    • Improved layering (correct order of element drawing)
    • solved bug 2872900: same title/naming for different dialog boxes
    • solved bug 2872824: fox related sumo crash
    • Viewport settings can now be saved/loaded
    • Added new visualisation options
      • lanes: by vclass
      • vehicles: HSV by depart position/arrival position/direction and distance
  • netconvert
    • removed the --tls-poi-output; instead, can be used
    • OpenStreetMap import
      • removal of edges and nodes which have the attribute action='delete'
      • recognition and removal of duplicate edges (all values but ids are same) added
      • opposite direction edge is built if oneway==-1
    • edge and node attributes can be overridden