The functionality of this tool was superseded by netconvert improvements. SUMO 0.17.1 was the last release this tool was part of.


  • Purpose: Prunes networks to a given boundary
  • Location: The kdeproject-file and the sources can be found in <SUMO_DIST>/tools/contributed/smallmaps
  • Language: C++ + Qt
  • Author: Andreas Florides

Original Message#

Von: Florides Andreas [xxx]
Gesendet: Freitag, 8. Dezember 2006 15:43
An: Krajzewicz, Daniel
Betreff: Frida map pruning

Hello Daniel,
I have added a simple GUI to the script that makes the pruning to the 
Frida maps and I believe that is more usable now.
You can find attached the sources and a compiled file for Linux that 
you can try out. A lot of information are still hard-coded in the 
source code which means that the program is not totally generic but
maybe is useful for a lot of people that are looking for small maps 
that can "play"with in SUMO.
The readme file contains some general information.

Andreas Florides