Traffic Data

Traffic Data#

FSP - Data from the Freeway Service Patrol Evaluation Project#

This description is not yet completed

The data includes:

  • Traffic measures at induction loops
    • per-vehicle speed and lengths

Data Descriptions#

per-vehicle speed and lengths#

The data is given as a tar file named fsp_speed_and_lengths.tar (~40MB). Within this tar-file you will find a folder which contains compressed (gzip) data files. Each data file represents a day for one direction (north/south). The following days are given:

  • 16.02.93
  • 17.02.93
  • 18.02.93
  • 19.02.93
  • 22.02.93
  • 24.02.93

The files are tab-delimited with the following fields:

  • Detector position (in meters)
  • Detector lane
  • Time (in ?)
  • vehicle speed (probably in m/s)
  • vehicle length (in m)


Project and data descriptions:

  • Petty K.F.; Noeimi H.; Sanwal K.; Rydzewski D.; Skabardonis A.; Varaiya P.; Al-Deek H.; "The freeway service patrol evaluation project: database support programs, and accessibility"; In: Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Volume 4, Number 2, April 1996 , pp. 71-85(15), Elsevier

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