How to update the Homebrew Formula

This document describes how to update the macOS Homebrew Formula for a new SUMO release.

GitHub Repository#

All relevant files can be found in the repository at Note that brew requires the homebrew- prefix in order for the brew tap dlr-ts/sumo command to work.

Step-by-Step Formula Update Guide#

After a new SUMO release (see HowToRelease), follow these steps (assuming you have already checked out the repository):

  1. Run the bash script:


    where <NEW_VERSION> is the version string of the new sumo release (e.g., 1.9.2) and <SUMO_SRC_URL> is the URL to the respective source code archive with examples (e.g.,

    This script automates (including local git commits):

    • Archiving the old formula (for the previous sumo version)
    • Creating a new temporary sumo git branch (same name as the formula)
    • Bumping the formula version (via brew bump-formula-pr)
    • Removing the (now obsolete) bottle block in the formula
    • Updating the symlink in Aliases/
    • Updating the version number in

  2. Push the local commits to upstream:

    git push --set-upstream origin sumo

  3. Create a pull request from the new branch to trigger the tests.yml workflow which performs a formula audit, install test, and bottle creation.

  4. If the previous workflow ran successfully, label the PR with the pr-pull tag. This triggers the publish.yml workflow which uploads the bottles to GitHub and deletes the temporary sumo branch afterwards.