Simulation Loop

Main Vehicle Update Loop#

sumo and sumo-gui call both the method MSNet::simulationStep. This sketch describes the further communication of this method with the other elements of the simulation and the update cycle for the vehicles.

uml diagram

Pedestrian Lifecycle and update Loop#

Persons in SUMO are modelled by the distinct stages walk, ride, stop and access. The simulation behavior of a person in stage walk is controlled by the pedestrian model configured via option --pedestrian.model.

The model must inherit from class MSPModel and provide instances of MSTransportableStateAdapter for each pedestrian. The adapter instances are used by the simulation to retrieve the state of the pedestrian (i.e. position and speed). The MSPModel is responsible for signaling when the pedestrian changes to another edge. The following sketch describes the interation.


abstract methods that must be overridden by the model implementation are in italics

uml diagram