Managing Publications

Publications are stored in an extended bibtex-file generated using JabRef.


JabRef allows not only to enter your references, but also to group them. We use the following way to organise the references:

  • sumo: All that cite SUMO; in fact, there are some other references in the bibtex-file, for example in case of reports on projects where SUMO was used, but the paper itself does not mention SUMO or papers on theory.
  • projects: a classification by the project
    • iTETRIS: reports on work done in iTETRIS
    • ... further projects ...
  • topic:
    • V2X: vehicular communication papers
    • TLS: traffic lights paper
    • ... further topics ...
  • organisation: a classification by organisation
    • DLR/TS/VM: the traffic management group at the Institute of Transportation Systems at the German Aerospace Center
    • ... further organisations ...

When adding a new entry, please complete its description, first. Then, right-click on the entry in the list and assign it to the groups it belongs to - at least organisation and topics.