Unit Tests


The Unit Tests for SUMO are carried out with the help of the Framework Google Test. With Google Test new Unit Tests can be simple added or existing tests extended. All available tests are executed daily and it is checked whether these tests run through successfully. This installation guide is for the version 1.4.0 to 1.6.0 of Google Test.

Windows Setup#

Please clone the SUMOLibraries and set the environment variable SUMO_LIBRARIES to the checkout directory. Google Test should be found and set up automatically then.

Linux setup#

Ubuntu and the CMake build#

For newer Ubuntu and GTest versions follow this recipe, which boils down to:

sudo apt install libgtest-dev build-essential cmake
cd /usr/src/googletest
sudo cmake .
sudo cmake --build . --target install

At least the cmake build from sumo will now pick up Google Test correctly.


After downloading you have to executed the following commands in the Google Test directory:

sudo make install

Now all libraries are installed in the system directory /usr/local or /usr/bin. Before the Unit Tests can be executed, you must build SUMO with an additional input parameter:

./configure --with-gtest=DIR (DIR=installation directory of GoogleTest)

If new Unit Test files are added under unittest/src, the Makefiles must be updated in order to run all tests.