"The Handbook Emission Factors for Road Transport (HBEFA) provides emission factors for all current vehicle categories (PC, LDV, HDV and motor cycles), each divided into different categories, for a wide variety of traffic situations." (from https://www.hbefa.net/, 30.01.2008). Since version 0.10.2, SUMO is able to simulate vehicular pollutant emissions based on this database application. Though HBEFA contains information about other pollutants, we decided to implement only the following, major ones:

  • CO2
  • CO
  • HC
  • NOx
  • PMx
  • fuel consumption

We have remodeled HBEFA data for the following reasons:

  1. The goal was to have an emission model be directly embedded in SUMO, HBEFA is a database application for itself
  2. To allow computation of vehicular emissions on a continuous range as the original HBEFA data cover certain speeds only
  3. To avoid having the need to deal with all of HBEFA's emission classes

Vehicle Emission Classes#

The original vehicle classes supplied by HBEFA have been clustered. In order to improve the quality, passengers and light delivery vehicles have been clustered independent to heavy duty vehicles. For the first set (passenger and light delivery vehicles), two different sets have been computed, one with 7 classes, one with 14 classes. For the heavy duty vehicles, three sets have been computed, with respectively 3, 6, and 12 classes. Choosing the proper set is not easy - on the one hand, more classes mean a better fit of each of these, on the other hand, the vehicle population mix is more complicated to be generated.

Normal Classes#

The following tables give the emissionClass strings to use in the definition of vehicle types.

Table 1.1 HBEFA heavy duty vehicle types and their clusters in dependence to the class number/cluster

vehClass k = 3 k = 6 k = 12
SMW80er Jahre 12-14t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_8
SMW80er Jahre 14-20t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_8
SMW80er Jahre 20-26t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_4 HDV_12_4
SMW80er Jahre 28-32t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_4 HDV_12_4
SMW80er Jahre 28-34t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_4 HDV_12_4
SMW80er Jahre 7.5-12t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_7
SMW80er Jahre bigger18t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_5 HDV_12_9
SMW80er Jahre bigger32t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_4 HDV_12_4
SMW80er Jahre bigger34-40t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_4 HDV_12_4
SMW80er Jahre smaller18t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_4 HDV_12_12
SMW80er Jahre smaller28t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_8
SMW80er Jahre smaller7.5t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_7
SMWEuro1 12-14t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_3
SMWEuro1 14-20t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_3
SMWEuro1 20-26t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_3
SMWEuro1 28-32t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_6
SMWEuro1 28-34t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_6
SMWEuro1 7.5-12t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_2
SMWEuro1 bigger18t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_3 HDV_12_11
SMWEuro1 bigger32t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_6
SMWEuro1 bigger34-40t HDV_3_2 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_6
SMWEuro1 smaller18t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_3
SMWEuro1 smaller28t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_6 HDV_12_3
SMWEuro1 smaller7.5t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_2
SMWEuro2 12-14t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_1
SMWEuro2 14-20t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_1
SMWEuro2 20-26t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_5
SMWEuro2 28-32t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_5
SMWEuro2 28-34t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_5
SMWEuro2 7.5-12t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_2
SMWEuro2 bigger18t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_3 HDV_12_11
SMWEuro2 bigger32t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_5
SMWEuro2 bigger34-40t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_5
SMWEuro2 smaller18t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_12
SMWEuro2 smaller28t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_1
SMWEuro2 smaller7.5t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_2
SMWEuro3 12-14t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_1
SMWEuro3 28-32t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro3 28-34t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro3 7.5-12t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_2
SMWEuro3 bigger18t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_3 HDV_12_11
SMWEuro3 bigger32t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro3 bigger34-40t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro3 smaller18t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_12
SMWEuro3 smaller28t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_1
SMWEuro3 smaller7.5t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_2
SMWEuro4 28-34t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro4 bigger34-40t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro4 smaller18t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_12
SMWEuro5 28-34t HDV_3_3 HDV_6_2 HDV_12_10
SMWEuro5 smaller18t HDV_3_1 HDV_6_1 HDV_12_12

Table 1.2 HBEFA passenger and light delivery vehicle types and their clusters in dependence to the class number/cluster

vehClass k = 7 k = 14
LNFBEuro2 M+N1-I P_7_7 P_14_9
LNFBEuro2 N1-II P_7_2 P_14_1
LNFBEuro3 M+N1-I P_7_7 P_14_9
LNFBEuro4 M+N1-I P_7_7 P_14_9
LNFBGKatsmaller91 M+N1-I P_7_3 P_14_7
LNFBGKatsmaller91 N1-II P_7_2 P_14_3
LNFBKonv M+N1-I P_7_4 P_14_12
LNFBKonv N1-II P_7_1 P_14_2
LNFDEuro1FAV1 M+N1-I P_7_5 P_14_10
LNFDEuro1FAV1 N1-II P_7_6 P_14_6
LNFDEuro2 M+N1-I P_7_7 P_14_8
LNFDEuro2 N1-II P_7_6 P_14_6
LNFDEuro3 M+N1-I P_7_7 P_14_8
LNFDEuro3 N1-II P_7_6 P_14_5
LNFDEuro4 M+N1-I P_7_7 P_14_8
LNFDEuro4 N1-II P_7_5 P_14_5
LNFDkonv M+N1-I P_7_5 P_14_10
LNFDkonv N1-II P_7_6 P_14_6
PKWBEuro1FAV1 1.4-2L P_7_3 P_14_14
PKWBEuro1FAV1 bigger2L P_7_3 P_14_14
PKWBEuro1FAV1 smaller1.4L P_7_7 P_14_14
PKWBEuro2 1.4-2L P_7_7 P_14_9
PKWBEuro2 bigger2L P_7_7 P_14_13
PKWBEuro2 smaller1.4L P_7_7 P_14_9
PKWBEuro3 1.4-2L P_7_7 P_14_9
PKWBEuro3 bigger2L P_7_7 P_14_13
PKWBEuro4 1.4-2L P_7_7 P_14_9
PKWBEuro4 bigger2L P_7_7 P_14_13
PKWBGKatsmaller91 1.4-2L P_7_3 P_14_7
PKWBGKatsmaller91 bigger2L P_7_3 P_14_7
PKWBGKatsmaller91 smaller1.4L P_7_3 P_14_7
PKWBKonv 1.4-2L P_7_3 P_14_11
PKWBKonv bigger2L P_7_4 P_14_12
PKWBKonv smaller1.4L P_7_3 P_14_11
PKWDEuro2 1.4-2L P_7_7 P_14_8
PKWDEuro2 bigger2L P_7_7 P_14_4
PKWDEuro3 1.4-2L P_7_7 P_14_8
PKWDEuro3 bigger2L P_7_7 P_14_4
PKWDEuro4 1.4-2L P_7_7 P_14_8
PKWDEuro4 bigger2L P_7_7 P_14_8
PKWDXXIIIFAV1 1.4-2L P_7_5 P_14_10
PKWDXXIIIFAV1 bigger2L P_7_5 P_14_10

Special Classes#

The special class zero may be used to specify a vehicle without emissions.

In addition to the these strings, it is also possible to add the code A0 in order to get emission models which ignore vehicle acceleration.