Shape elements#

There are three different types of shape elements: Polygons, POI's (Points-of-interest) and POI Lanes. Shapes can be inserted while in Network supermode (F2) and selecting POI-Poly mode (P). Previously created shapes may also be imported, selecting File -> Additionals and Shapes -> Load Additionals... (or via the Ctrl + A Shortcut).


To create a polygon, select poly in the Shape elements drop-down list. Before drawing the polygon, you may change some of its attributes such as the id, color, select whether you want a filled polygon or just the contour, among many other options. Note that some attributes can be modified later, in Inspect mode .

To start drawing the polygon, click on Start drawing or press ENTER. To finish the shape creation, either click on Stop drawing or press ENTER.

SHIFT + click (anywhere) removes the last inserted point, and selecting Abort drawing or simply pressing ESC aborts the shape creation.


POI Lane#