NETEDIT view shortcuts#

In addition to the standard sumo-gui shortcuts for moving the view there is a large number of netedit-specific shortcuts.

Ctrl + G Toggle grid
Ctrl + PgUp Increase grid size
Ctrl + PgDown Shrink grid size

NETEDIT mode shortcuts#

Shortcut Network mode Demand Mode Data Mode
A Additional mode Stop Mode -
C Connection Mode Container mode Connection Data Mode
D Delete Mode Delete Mode Delete Mode
E Edge Mode - Edge Data Mode
G - - -
H Prohibition mode Container Plan mode -
I Inspect Mode Inspect Mode Inspect Mode
J - - Junction Data Mode
L - Person plan mode Lane Data Mode
M Move Mode Move Mode -
P Polygon Mode Person Mode -
R Crossing Mode Route Mode Edge Rel Data Mode
S Select Mode Select Mode Select Mode
T Traffic Light Mode Type Mode -
V - Vehicle Mode -
W Wire mode - -
Z TAZ Mode - TAZ Data Mode
F5 Recompute Network Recompute Demand Recompute Data
F6 Clean Junctions Clean Routes Clean Data
F7 Join selected junctions Join Routes Join Data
F8 Clear invalid crossings Clear invalid demand elements clear invalid data elements

NETEDIT basic shortcuts#

ENTER Accept/create
ESC Abort
TAB Jump to next Element
F1 Online documentation
F2 Supermode Network
F3 Supermode Demand
F4 Supermode Data
F9 Visualization settings
F10 Open Options dialog
F11 Set / Clear front element
F12 About dialog

NETEDIT control shortcuts#

Ctrl + A Load additional elements
Ctrl + B Load data elements
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + D Load demand elements
Ctrl + H Load edge type elements
Ctrl + I Edit view port
Ctrl + J Show junction shape
Ctrl + K Load traffic lights
Ctrl + L Save plain XML
Ctrl + N New network
Ctrl + R Reload network
Ctrl + S Save network
Ctrl + T Toggle between SUMO/NETEDIT
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + W Close Net
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + F5 Volatile recomputing
Ctrl + F7 Adjust person plans

NETEDIT locate shortcuts#

Shift + A Locate Additionals
Shift + E Locate Edges
Shift + J Locate Junctions
Shift + L Locate Polygons
Shift + O Locate POIs
Shift + R Locate Routes
Shift + S Locate Stops
Shift + T Locate TLS
Shift + V Locate Vehicles

NETEDIT save elements shortcuts#

Ctrl + Shift + A Save Additional Elements
Ctrl + Shift + B Save Data Elements
Ctrl + Shift + D Save Demand Elements
Ctrl + Shift + H Save Edge Type Elements
Ctrl + Shift + K Save Traffic Lights
Ctrl + Shift + N Save Network
Ctrl + Shift + O New window
Ctrl + Shift + R Force Save Network (Flag)
Ctrl + Shift + S Force Save Additional (Flag)
Ctrl + Shift + T Force Save Demand Elements (Flag)
Ctrl + Shift + U Force Save Data elements (Flag)
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Save Geometry for testing

NETEDIT miscellaneous shortcuts#

Alt + 0-9 Toggle view / edit checkbox option
Shift + TAB Jump to previous Element
Shift + F1 Copy Edge template
Shift + F2 Set Edge template
Shift + F3 Clear Edge template
Shift + F5 Compute Junction (volatile)
Shift + F7 Adjust Person Plan
Shift + F12 Focus upper element