Import MATSim networks#

For reading MATsim networks, give netconvert the option --matsim-files <FILE>[,<FILE>]* or --matsim <FILE>[,<FILE>]* for short. For example:

netconvert --matsim myMATsimNetwork.xml -o

MATsim does not work with the lane numbers of streets, instead, the streets' capacities are used. This means that under circumstances the information about the edges' lane numbers are missing. The importer tries to determine the lane number from the given edges' capacities using:


The value of CAPACITY_NORM is controlled via the option --capacity-norm <FLOAT> (default: 1800).

Access permissions#

MATSim features a number of so-called transport modes defined in its org.matsim.api.core.v01.TransportMode class. The lane access permissions in SUMO are derived from the MATSim transport modes.


Currently the access permissions depend on whether XML validation is conducted or not. When --xml-validation auto is used, the default transport mode "car" from the MATSim Document Type Definition (DTD) is used when no other mode is given in the link element. Otherwise in the absence of a mode value, all vehicle classes are allowed in SUMO.