Change Calibrator State

Command 0xc4: Change Calibrator State#

ubyte string ubyte <value_type>
Variable Calibrator ID Type of the value New Value

Changes the state of a calibrator. Because it is possible to change different values of a calibrator, the number of parameter to supply and their types differ between commands. The following values can be changed, the parameter which must be given are also shown in the table.

Overview Changeable Calibrator Variables

Variable ValueType Description Python Method
flow (0x18) compound (string, double, double, double, double, string, string, string, string), see below Set the hourly flow and speed at the calibrator location in a given time range. Missing traffic will be added with the given routeID (or routeDistribution ID) and type. DepartLane and departSpeed default to "first" and "max" but can optionally be set. For details on calibrating only flow, speed or type individually, see Calibrator. setFlow

compound message details#

The message contents are as following:

flow (0x18)#

byte integer byte string byte double byte double byte double byte double byte string byte string byte string byte string
value type compound item number (7 to 9) value type string calibrator ID value type double begin value type double end value type double vehsPerHour value type double speed value type string type id value type string route id value type string (optional) depart lane value type string (optional) depart speed