Change GUI State

Command 0xcc: Change GUI State#

ubyte string ubyte <value_type>
Variable View ID Type of the value New Value

Changes the simulation visualization. The view id that must be supplied is usually something like "View #0", where the last digit counts the open (sub-)windows in the simulation GUI. The id is shown in the view title-bar when un-maximizing the view subwindow (this happens automatically when opening a new view).

Because it is possible to change different values, the number of parameter to supply and their types differ between commands. The following values can be changed, the parameter(s) which must be given are also shown in the table.

Overview Changeable GUI Variables

Variable ValueType Description Python Method
zoom (0xa0) double Sets the current zoom level in % setZoom
offset (0xa1) 2D-position (double, double) Moves the center of the visible network to the given position setOffset
schema (0xa2) string Sets the visualization scheme (e.g. "standard") setSchema
boundary (0xa3) 2D-polygon (length 2) Sets the boundary of the visible network. If the window has a different aspect ratio than the given boundary, the view is expanded along one axis to meet the window aspect ratio and contain the given boundary. setBoundary
screenshot (0xa5) filename (string) Save a screenshot to the given file screenshot
track vehicle (0xa6) vehicle ID (string) tracks the given vehicle in the GUI trackVehicle

The message contents are as following:

zoom (0xa0)#

ubyte double
value type double New zoom level

offset (0xa1)#

ubyte double double
value type position2D x-coordinate y-coordinate

schema (0xa2)#

ubyte string
value type string New schema

boundary (0xa3)#

ubyte ubyte double double double double
value type polygon 2 x-coordinate lower left y-ccordinate lower left x-coordinate upper right y-coordinate upper right

screenshot (0xa5)#

ubyte string
value type string Screenshot filename

track vehicle (0xa6)#

ubyte string
value type string id of the vehicle