Change PoI State

Command 0xc7: Change PoI State#

ubyte string ubyte <value_type>
Variable PoI ID Type of the value New Value

Changes the state of a point-of-interest. Because it is possible to change different values of a PoI, the number of parameter to supply and their types differ between commands. The following values can be changed, the parameter which must be given are also shown in the table.

Overview Changeable PoI Variables

Variable ValueType Description Python Method
type (0x4f) string Sets the PoI's type to the given value setType
color (0x45) color (ubyte,ubyte,ubyte,ubyte) Sets the PoI's color to the given value (r,g,b,a) - please note that a(lpha) = 0 means fully transparent setColor
position (0x42) Position2D (double, double) Sets the PoI's position to the given value setPosition
image file (0x93) string sets the path to the image file of the poi setImageFile
width (0x4d) float Sets the width for the rendered image file setWidth
height (0xbc) float Sets the height for the rendered image file setHeight
angle (0x43) float sets the angle for the rendered image file setAngle
ADD (0x80) PoI-definition, see below Adds the defined PoI add
REMOVE (0x81) int (layer), see below Removes the defined PoI remove
highlight (0x6c) highlight specification, see below Adds a highlight to the PoI highlight

The message contents are as following:

type (0x4f)#

ubyte string
value type string New Type Name

color (0x45)#

ubyte ubyte ubyte ubyte ubyte
value type color red green blue alpha

position (0x42)#

ubyte double double
value type position2D x-coordinate y-coordinate

ADD (0x80)#

ubyte int ubyte string ubyte color ubyte int ubyte position
value type compound item number = 4 value type string type name value type color color value type int layer value type position2D position

If the PoI could not been added because another one with the same ID already exists within the layer, an error message is generated. Please note that, if an image has been passed (through the imgFile attribute), the resultant color of the POI is a combination of the image's native color and the value of color passed. In this case, passing color as (255,255,255) will result in the POI having the same colors as that of the image passed.

REMOVE (0x81)#

ubyte int
value type int layer

If the named PoI can not be found in the given layer, all PoIs with the given ID are removed (from all layers). If no PoI with the given ID could be found, an error message is generated.

highlight (0x6c)#

ubyte int ubyte color ubyte double ubyte ubyte ubyte double ubyte ubyte
value type compound number of items in value type color color value type double size (radius in m.) value type ubyte maximal alpha value value type double duration (in secs.) value type ubyte type ID (allows different highlight categories)

The highlight method adds a circle of the specified size and color centered at the POI. The circles alpha value is animated over the specified duration (fade in and out) if a positive value is given, maxAlpha <= 0 implies persistent highlighting without animation.