Change Polygon State

Command 0xc8: Change Polygon State#

ubyte string ubyte <value_type>
Variable Polygon ID Type of the value New Value

Changes the state of a polygon. Because it is possible to change different values of a polygon, the number of parameter to supply and their types differ between commands. The following values can be changed, the parameter which must be given are also shown in the table.

Overview Changeable Polygon Variables

Variable ValueType Description Python Method
type (0x4f) string Sets the polygon's type to the given value setType
color (0x45) color (ubyte,ubyte,ubyte,ubyte) Sets the polygon's color to the given value (r,g,b,a) - please note that a(lpha) = 0 means fully transparent setColor
shape (0x4e) 2D-polygon Sets the polygon's shape to the given value setShape
filled (0x55) ubyte Marks that the polygon shall be filled if the value is !=0. setFilled
lineWidth (0x4d) double Sets drawing width for unfilled polygon setLineWidth
ADD (0x80) Polygon-definition, see below Adds the defined Polygon add
REMOVE (0x81) int (layer), see below Removes the defined Polygon remove
addDynamics(0x5c) polygonDynamics definition, see below Adds the specified dynamics for the Polygon addDynamics

The message contents are as following:

type (0x4f)#

ubyte string
value type string New Type Name

color (0x45)#

ubyte ubyte ubyte ubyte ubyte
value type color red green blue alpha

shape (0x42)#

ubyte ubyte double double ... double double
value type polygon entry number (n) x-coordinate#0 y-ccordinate#0 ... x-coordinate#n-1 y-coordinate#n-1

filled (0x55)#

ubyte ubyte
value type ubyte filled (!=0)

ADD (0x80)#

ubyte int ubyte string ubyte color ubyte ubyte ubyte int ubyte shape
value type compound item number = 6 value type string type name value type color color value type ubyte filled value type int layer value type shape shape

If the polygon could not been added because another one with the same ID already exists within the layer, an error message is generated.

REMOVE (0x81)#

ubyte int
value type int layer

If the named polygon can not be found in the given layer, all polygons with the given ID are removed (from all layers). If no polygon with the given ID could be found, an error message is generated.


ubyte int ubyte string ubyte color ubyte ubyte ubyte int ubyte shape
value type compound item number = 5 value type string ID of a tracked object (empty string for setting tracking off) value type double list time line (anchor times for animation, give empty list for stting animation off) value type double list alpha span (anchor values for alpha animation) value type ubyte flag indicating whether animation shall be looped value type ubyte flag indicating whether polygon shall be rotated with tracked object

For the dynamics, either a tracked object must be specified, inducing the polygon to follow the objects movements in the simulation, or the polygon has to be animated (currently only alpha animation is possible, other animation targets may follow, see #5442). If looped is 0 (i.e. false) and an animation is specified the polygon will be removed after the animation timeline has elapsed.