Change Simulation State

Command 0xcc: Change Simulation State#

ubyte string (arbitrary) ubyte <value_type>
Variable Simulation ID (arbitrary, see below) Type of the value New Value

Changes the simulation state. Because there is currently only one simulation, the 'Simulation ID' is ignored. The following values can be changed, the parameter(s) which must be given are also shown in the table.

Overview Changeable GUI Variables

Variable ValueType Description Python Method
clear pending vehicles (0x94) string routeID Discards all loaded vehicles with a depart time below the current time step which could not be inserted yet. If the given routeID has non-zero length, only vehicles that have this routeID are discarded. clearPending
save state (0x95) string filename Saves current simulation state to the given filename. saveState
load state (0x96) string filename Quick-loads simulation state from the given filename. This is faster than simulation.load since the network and additional objects are retained. Caution: Vehicles from an incrementally loaded route file as well as flow-vehicles may be missing when loading the state this way. If all route input is in <vehicle> or <trip> format and loaded with option --additional-files (non-incremental loading), traffic is guaranteeed to be complete. loadStateState
scale (0x8e) double Set traffic scaling factor setScale