GUI Value Retrieval

Command 0xac: Get GUI Variable#

ubyte string
Variable View ID

Asks for the value of a certain GUI variable. The view id is usually something like "View #0", where the last digit counts the open (sub-)windows in the simulation GUI. The id is shown in the view title-bar when un-maximizing the view subwindow (this happens automatically when opening a new view).

The following variable values can be retrieved, the type of the return value is also shown in the table.

Overview Retrievable GUI Variables

Variable ValueType Description Python Method
zoom (0xa0) double the current zoom level (in %) getZoom
offset (id 0xa1) 2D-position the center of the currently visible part of the net getOffset
schema (id 0xa2) string the visualization scheme used (e.g. "standard" or "real world") getSchema
boundary (id 0xa3) 2D-polygon the lower left and the upper right corner of the visible network getBoundary
has view (id 0xa7) bool Whether a view with the given ID exists hasView

Response 0xbc: GUI Variable#

ubyte string ubyte <return_type>
Variable View ID Return type of the variable <VARIABLE_VALUE>

The respond to a "Command Get GUI Variable".