The city_mobil subdirectory in <SUMO_HOME>/docs/tutorial contains the setup for a remote controlled simulation of a parking lot using sumo with its traci interface controlled by a Python script.

The parameters for the application (including the paths to the executables) are in constants.py. If you are running it from the directory in the same source tree where the binaries reside, it should work without changes. Before running the application you have to execute


In order to change the layout of the parking lot and the behavior (speed, capacity etc.) of the vehicles, constants.py should be edited and then createNet.py re-executed.

In order to start the (remote controlled) simulation execute one of the managers agentManager.py or simpleManager.py. If you want a visual display you have to provide the -g option, e.g.

./simpleManager -g

Further options are described by starting the scripts with -h.