RouteProbe detectors are meant to determine the route distribution for all vehicles that passed an edge in a given interval. Their real-world equivalent would be a police stop with questionnaire or a look into the database of navigation providers such as TomTom.

Instantiating within the Simulation#

RouteProbe Detectors have to be defined within an additional-file which has to be loaded by the simulation.

  <routeProbe id="<ROUTEPROBE_ID>" edge="<EDGE_ID>" period="<PERIOD>" file="<OUTPUT_XMLFILE>"/>

The following attributes are used within the routeProbe element:

Attribute Name Value Type Description
id id (string) The id of the routeProbe element (user choice)
edge id (string) The id of an edge in the simulation network
period (alias freq) time (s) The period in which to report the distribution (default: whole simulation time)
file string The file for generated output
begin time (s) The time at which to start generating output

Generated Output#

The output takes the form of a route alternative file which can be loaded directly in sumo

   <routeDistribution id="r3/1to2/1_80.00">
      <route id="r1_80.00" edges="4/1to3/1 3/1to2/1 2/1to1/1 1/1to0/1" probability="1.00"/>

Further Notes#

RouteProbe elements can be used in conjunction with Calibrators where route distributions are required when inserting new vehicles.